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The VEHICLE project is financed by European Union as part of the Interreg V Upper Rhine program. 


It takes its initials from : "AdVanced li-ion battEry/supercapacitor HybrId energy storage system with synchronous reluctance maChine for eLEctric vehicle applications".

Projet en chiffres.JPG

Program financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Investment objective

Promote business investment in R & I, by developing links and synergies between companies, research and development centers and the higher education sector, particularly by promoting investments in the development of products and services, technology transfer, social innovation, eco-innovation, utility applications, demand stimulation, networking, clustering and open innovation through smart specialization, and supporting technological and applied research, pilot lines, early product validation actions, advanced manufacturing capabilities and first production, in particular in the field of generic key technologies and the diffusion of technologies for general purposes. Increase the number of applications and innovations developed by cross-border consortiums of the Upper Rhine.

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